"Where To Find The Best Bacon, Egg and Cheese Sandwiches in America"

April 14, 2016 09:03 AM

"...At Murray’s Cheese Shop you will not be disappointed by their gourmet and delicious cheese assortments. Murray’s Cheese Shop is not just known for its cheese, but also its infamous oozy gooey BEC sandwich. Served on top of an English muffin with fried egg, Nueske’s bacon, and fontina, this breakfast melt is an NYC favorite...

...Satsuma is the epitome of a breakfast sandwich location. Boasting a menu loaded with all the types of coffee you can dream of as well as fresh-squeezed organic juices (which of course you can enjoy along with your B.E.C.), Satsuma’s breakfast sandwich comes topped with Nueske’s bacon, sharp cheddar, and scrambled eggs on a biscuit, bagel, croissant, or toast. The perfect way to start your day..."

Read the full MSN article by Tori Goodell here.

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