"In a time where guests are more savvy, I feel it is important to introduce our students to quality products such as Nueske's bacon to utilize in our student-operated restaurants.  Our paying guests truly appreciate the level of quality and flavor that can best be captured via a product like Nueske's bacon."
Chef Frank Benowitz, CHE (Certified Hospitality Educator)
Mercer County Community College
West Windsor, NJ





"If you are from Wisconsin then bacon and Nueske's are synonymous with each other. The applewood-smoked bacon is the best bacon I have ever tasted. I love the saltiness, the smell travels through the halls of our Inn and it will wake people out of their sleep."
Executive Chef John Williams




"There are no other products that can equal Nueske's. The applewood-smoked pork chop is one of our signature dishes. Fresh cherries from the mountains are available in Colorado. We love to make a fresh wild cherry chutney to serve with pork chops. The fruitiness paired with the full flavor of the applewood smoked pork chop is a heavenly marriage. Our guests always comment on what a delicious dish it is when we're serving Nueske's."
Executive Chef Clyde Nelson
Home Ranch
Clark, CO