Wild Cherrywood Smoked Roasted Uncured
Sliced Bacon, 16-20 slices per lb., 5 lbs.

Item 2223 (2 per case)
  • Case of 2, 5 lb. C.A.P. bag, 16-20 slices per lb.
  • 2018 sofi Award Bronze Medal, Meat, Poultry, & Charcuterie Category
  • Pre-sliced for fast, easy preparation
  • Uncured, all natural and gluten-free, no added nitrites or nitrates
  • Made from premium, hand-trimmed bellies for minimal shrinkage in cooking
  • Smoked 24 hours over glowing embers of robust, sweet Wild Cherrywood logs
  • Delivers sweet, smoky signature Nueske's flavor
  • Winner of Specialty Food Association’s prestigious Gold sofi™ Award for superior taste and quality