How do I contact my Nueske’s Sales Representative?

You can contact your Nueske’s sales representative by referencing our map or by contacting our Sales Support Staff at (800) 382-2266 or salessupportstaff@nueske.com.

May I sample Nueske’s products?

To obtain samples of the Nueske’s products that you’re interested in trying, please contact us or your Nueske’s distributor, if you have already been introduced.

How do I find out which Nueske’s items have UPC codes and are retail-ready?

Please contact our Sales Support Staff at (800) 382-2266 or salessupportstaff@nueske.com and we will provide you with a full list of Nueske’s retail-ready products with UPC codes.

How do I obtain Nueske’s product for wholesale use?

If you do not currently have a distributor who carries Nueske’s, please contact our Sales Support Staff at (800) 382-2266 or salessupportstaff@nueske.com and they can help you locate an appropriate Nueske’s distributor.

There is a 6-digit number on my product package. What does it mean?

If you have a product that has a six-digit code printed on it, rather than a traditionally-formatted “Best By/Freeze By Date”, that 6-digit code is what is known as a Production date.

How do you read a Production dated product?

Production date states what day the product was produced at Nueske’s manufacturing plant. The format is YYMMDD in the barcode and MM-DD-YY on the readable case label. Packages will be in MM-DD-YY ABCDR format. The “ABCDR” signifies what line the product was produced on.

What is the shelf life on your products?

Product shelf life varies by product.  Please contact our Sales Support Staff at (800) 382-2266 or salessupportstaff@nueske.com for complete shelf life information on individual products.

Does Nueske’s sell products direct to customers?

No, Nueske’s products for foodservice and wholesale are offered only through our trusted distributors.  For distributor information for you area, please contact us. Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Meats are also available for personal use, across the U.S., by mail order at www.nueskes.com. 

Does your bacon contain nitrites?

Our Applewood Smoked Bacon does contain a small amount of sodium nitrite.  The use of sodium nitrite or sodium nitrate is required by the USDA for a meat product to be considered cured.  Our Wild Cherrywood Smoked Bacon is labeled uncured due to USDA labeling requirements, but is also known as a “naturally cured” product.  Our Wild Cherrywood Smoked Bacon has no added nitrites or nitrates other than those occurring naturally from sea salt and celery juice.

Are Nueske’s products wet or dry cured?

We use the Nueske family’s traditional brine recipe to wet cure our signature smoked meats.

Are any of your products certified gluten-free

Nueske's Applewood Smoked Meats Applewood Smoked Bacon, Pepper Coated Bacon, and Wild Cherrywood Bacon products are considered Gluten Free.  None of the ingredients used in the product formulas are derived from or contain any form of gluten. There are no products containing gluten used within the manufacturing plant.  Finally, gluten level testing is performed at least annually on each of the bacon types listed above.